Curriculum Vitae

Md. Nishan Parvez

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student


Miami University, Oxford, Ohio [Fall 2018 - Spring 2020]

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering

Supervisor: Dr. Mehdi B. Zanjani

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka, Bangladesh [2013 – 2017]

B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering

Supervisor: Dr. Seikh Reaz Ahmed


    1. Investigation of Geometric Landscape and Structure-Property Relations for Colloidal Superstructures Using Genetic Algorithm. Nishan Parvez, Dhananjai M. Rao, Mehdi B. Zanjani; Journal of Phys. Chem. B, 2019. [link]

  1. Superstructures of Multielement Colloidal Molecules: Efficient Pathways to Construct Reconfigurable Photonic and Phononic Crystals, Kiumars Aryana, James B. Stahley, Nishan Parvez, Kristin Kim, Mehdi B. Zanjani; Advanced Theory and Simulations, 2018. [link]

    1. Self-Limiting Colloidal Constructs Engineered with Defective Multi-Component Building Blocks. Nishan Parvez, Medhi B. Zanjani [Under review]

    2. A Machine Learning Model of Self-Assembly Landscape of Finite Spherical Particles. Nishan Parvez, Dhananjai M. Rao, Medhi B. Zanjani [In preparation]

Awards & Scholarships

– Summer Research Scholarship, Miami University [2019]

– Deans List, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, BUET [2013]

– University Stipend, BUET [2014]

– Education Board Scholarship (for SSC & HSC) [2011 – 2012 & 2012 – 2016]

– Junior School Scholarship [2008 – 2009]

– Grameen Bank Education Scholarship [2006 – 2009]

Work Experiences

Research Experience

  • Graudate Research Student, Dept. of Mech. and Manf. Eng., Miami University, Oxford. [Summer 2019]

  • Graduate Research Assistant, Dept. of Mech. and Manf. Eng., Miami University, Oxford. [Fall 2018 - Spring 2019]

  • Undergraduate Research Student, Mechanical Eng Dept, BUET, Bangladesh. [2016 – 2017]

Teaching Experience

  • Graudate Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Mech. and Manf. Eng., Miami University, Oxford. [Fall 2010 - Spring 2020]

Industrial Experience

  • Industrial Trainee at Haripur 360 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant [Feb 2017]


Course Project. Controller design for inverted pendulum with swing up control using state space representation [2019]

Course Project: Meshing of irregular geometries in MATLAB with application in FEA. [2019]

Junior Design Project: Design and prototyping of two wheeled self balancing robot. [2015]


Software Expertise:

– Operating Systems: Linux, Windows

– Programming Languages: C/C++, Python

– Data science & Machine Learning: scikit-learn, pandas

– Scientific Computing Environments: MATLAB, SciPy & NumPy

– Machine Learning Module: Scikit-learn

– Simulation Tools: LAMMPS, Ansys, COMSOL

– Visual Programming: Simulink, LabView

– Visualization Tool: Ovito, SigmaPlot

– Design and Drafting: Solidworks, AutoCAD Inventor, Inkscape

– Documentation and Presentation: LaTeX, MS Office

Technical Expertise:

– Electronics: Atmel AVR programming, Arduino

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